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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Friday, April 2nd, 2004
Subject: GameGossip�s Weekly Round-Up - 04/02/04

Introduction: At long last the week is over, and what a weird one it has been. Some of you might have noticed the almost wrong amount of April fools jokes going around on game, developer and publisher websites alike. Overall though, this week wasn�t too bad for news, with major announcements such as Digital Extremes� amazing looking Dark Sector being announced; as well as Nintendo�s 2004 line-up. Check out our hand picked selection of stories from the week below.

BioWare's PC Game Named?
-- /comment_id=6738

Close Combat: First To Fight & Red Phoenix Announced
-- /comment_id=6806

Def Jam Vendetta 2 - Official Confirmation At Last
-- /comment_id=6797

Digital Anvil On Xbox 2
-- /comment_id=6736

Dungeon Lords Publisher Announced
-- /comment_id=6723

Ground Control II - Demo Coming
-- /comment_id=6731

New Settlers Game Announced
-- /comment_id=6725

Nexus - The Jupiter Incident: Release Date & Demo Announced
-- /comment_id=6832

Ninja Gaiden's Shipping Figures
-- /comment_id=6749

Nintendo's 2004 Line-Up
-- /comment_id=6823

Nintendo's 2004/05 Expectations
-- /comment_id=6796

Painkiller Gone Gold
-- /comment_id=6722

Pathologic Announced
-- /comment_id=6752

Port Royale 2 Delayed
-- /comment_id=6833

Star Wars KOTOR 2 - Full Name Revealed?
-- /comment_id=6795

The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Announced
-- /comment_id=6728

The Matrix Online This Summer
-- /comment_id=6777

TOCA Race Driver 2 - Demo Released
-- /comment_id=6750

Tom Clancy�s Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - Coming This Month For GC

Uru Myst Revelation?

World of Warcraft Coming to China

Xbox $149 Price Cut

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