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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Friday, June 11th, 2004
Subject: GameGossip´┐Żs Weekly Round-Up - 06/11/04

Introduction: As another news week draws to a close it seems that more often than not the last couple months have serve as preludes to bigger announcements. While this week itself wasn\'t exactly one full of large stories, it did see more than a few release charts put up. As usual, the selected stories can be found below.

Airborne Assault: Conquest Of The Aegean Announced
-- /comment_id=8229

ATI Trade-In Rebate
-- /comment_id=8197

Banjo Pilot Delayed
-- /comment_id=8176

Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon Ships
-- /comment_id=8217

Capcom's Massive Schedule Update
-- /comment_id=8189

Conflict: Vietnam Goes Mobile
-- /comment_id=8174

Driv3r - Stand Alone Soundtrack Announced
-- /comment_id=8188

GameCube Hardware Sales Up In Europe
-- /comment_id=8230

Gates Of Troy Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=8239

Ground Control II - Multiplayer Demo Released
-- /comment_id=8183

Ground Control II Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=8205

Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron Announced
-- /comment_id=8204

Konami Signs On Dragon Boost
-- /comment_id=8184

Konami Updates Release Schedule
-- /comment_id=8234

Max Payne & Mafia Compilation Disc
-- /comment_id=8232

Outlaw Tennis - A Few Details
-- /comment_id=8235

Ribbit King Ships
-- /comment_id=8161

Rockstar Leeds Working On Two PSP Games
-- /comment_id=8179

Sabre Wulf Ships
-- /comment_id=8203

SCEE & Kuju Sign Development Deal
-- /comment_id=8237

Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 Ships
-- /comment_id=8201

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Goes Gold For PS2
-- /comment_id=8218

State Of Emergency 2 Update
-- /comment_id=8169

Take-Two's Q2 Results - Vietcong Confirmed For Consoles
-- /comment_id=8177

The Legend Of Zelda: The Four Swords Adventures Ships
-- /comment_id=8168

Tri Synergy Picks Up The Saga Of Ryzom
-- /comment_id=8238

Tribes Vengeance - Beta Registration Opens
-- /comment_id=8185

Worms Forts Under Siege - Xbox Live Support Announced
-- /comment_id=8236

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