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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Sunday, August 8th, 2004
Subject: GameGossip�s Weekly Round-Up - 08/08/04

Introduction: Neverwinter Nights 2. I could easily sum up this week with just those two words really. But of course, that would make for a lousy introduction to this weeks newsletter. Sufficed to say however, this weeks biggest surprise was development of Neverwinter Nights 2 for the PC. This week also saw Nintendo announcing an all-new GameCube bundle with Metroid Prime, as well as a special Metroid Prim 2 demo, and Majesco picking up Double Fine Productions� Psychonauts.

Atari Updates UK Schedule
-- /comment_id=9105

Capcom's Q1 Results
-- /comment_id=9065

DOOM The Movie Update
-- /comment_id=9090

Dragon Ball Z Sagas: Evolution Listed
-- /comment_id=9098

Dragonshard Announced
-- /comment_id=9078

ELSPA's Open Letter On The Manhunt Situation
-- /comment_id=9107

FFXI - European PC Release Date Announced
-- /comment_id=9125

FFXI Chains Of Promathia Next Month
-- /comment_id=9092

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich - Website Launched
-- /comment_id=9088

Get On Da Mic - UK Release Dates
-- /comment_id=9068

Ghosthunter Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=9112

Iron Phoenix Delayed
-- /comment_id=9080

Marble Blast Announced For XBL Arcade
-- /comment_id=9067

Merscom & CITY Interactive Sign Publishing Agreement
-- /comment_id=9093

Metroid Prime Bonus Bundle Announced
-- /comment_id=9076

Neverwinter Nights 2 Announced
-- /comment_id=9079

Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition Announced
-- /comment_id=9110

One Million XBL Headsets Shipped
-- /comment_id=9109

Paradox Announces Publishing Deal for Diplomacy & Squad Leader
-- /comment_id=9070

Sega's Q1 Results
-- /comment_id=9100

ShellShock: Nam �67 Release Date

Soldner: Secret Wars Demo Released

Starbreeze's Working On Next-Generation Title

The Korg Gang Changes Hands Again

The Political Machine Website Launched

THQ & Pixar Sign Publishing Agreement

True Crime & Call Of Duty - Multiple Titles Coming?

UO The 7 Waters' Possible Release Outside Japan

Winning Eleven 8 - One Million Sold In Japan

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