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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Friday, September 3rd, 2004
Subject: GameGossip�s Weekly Round-Up - 09/03/04

Introduction: New games, new games and more new games. If there was one vague sentence that could describe the past week, that would definitely be the one. With the European Game Network, ECTS 2004 and Game Stars Live all taking place, this week saw a number of new games from 1C and SCi announced, as well as a few notable titles (e.g.: Call Of Duty United Offensive) going gold. Also, in confirming rumors over the last few weeks, Acclaim announced that it had closed shop. Saving the banter, a selection of this weeks stories can be seen below.

A Radical Sales Update
-- /comment_id=9580

A Revolutionary Update
-- /comment_id=9562

Acclaim Makes Bankruptcy Official
-- /comment_id=9600

Aftermath The Videogame Announced
-- /comment_id=9618

Area 51 The Movie
-- /comment_id=9540

Bakufuu Slash Kizna Kaze - Possibly Coming To North America
-- /comment_id=9539

Baten Kaitos Website Launched
-- /comment_id=9504

Battlestations: Midway Details
-- /comment_id=9612

Bits Preliminary Results
-- /comment_id=9623

Boyz Don�t Cry Announced

Cabela's Deer Hunt 2005 Ships

Call Of Duty United Offensive Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=9593

DICE Acquires Trauma Studios
-- /comment_id=9577

Donkey Konga Ultimate Bongo Bundle Pak Announced For The UK
-- /comment_id=9578

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Release Date
-- /comment_id=9595

Dragon Empires Cancelled
-- /comment_id=9648

Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires Ships
-- /comment_id=9538

Electronic Arts' Shape Shifter
-- /comment_id=9640

ESPN NHL 2K5 Ships
-- /comment_id=9584

Fight Night 2005 Coming
-- /comment_id=9508

Gallop Racer 2004 Screenshots
-- /comment_id=9521

GameCom Halo 2 Edition Headset Announced
-- /comment_id=9585

GBA SP Limited Pink Edition Scheduled For UK Debut
-- /comment_id=9615

Ghost Recon 2 - Differences Confirmed
-- /comment_id=9550

Half-Life 2: Second Pre-Load Begins
-- /comment_id=9638

JAMDAT & Nickelodeon Ink Mobile Deal
-- /comment_id=9630

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Picked Up By KOCH
-- /comment_id=9628

Konung 2 Signed For North America
-- /comment_id=9552

Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault Demo Released
-- /comment_id=9649

N-Gage Ships 1 Million Units
-- /comment_id=9581

NASCAR 2005: Chase For The Cup Ships
-- /comment_id=9537

Nintendo Europe's Small GC Schedule Update
-- /comment_id=9610

Otogi 2 Immortal Warriors Website Launched
-- /comment_id=9609

Phantom Update: Software Not Yet Signed
-- /comment_id=9591

Pikmin 2 Ships
-- /comment_id=9525

Prince Of Persia 2 - Rename Confirmed
-- /comment_id=9597

Quake III: Gold Greatest Hits Listed
-- /comment_id=9608

Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal Release Date
-- /comment_id=9622

Rig 'n' Roll Update
-- /comment_id=9564

Rockstar & Interscope Team Up on GTA San Andreas Soundtrack
-- /comment_id=9647

Rogue Trooper Details
-- /comment_id=9613

Roll Call Announced
-- /comment_id=9614

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Goes 64-Bit
-- /comment_id=9624

Shade: Wrath Of Angels Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=9524

Shadow Ops Special Edition Coming
-- /comment_id=9505

Skate Rat Unveiled
-- /comment_id=9515

Snowblind Update
-- /comment_id=9569

Space Rangers 2: Dominators Details
-- /comment_id=9565

Spy Fiction Ships
-- /comment_id=9590

Star Ocean Till The End Of Time Ships
-- /comment_id=9532

Star Wars Battlefront Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=9631

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Ships For PS2
-- /comment_id=9536

The Unseelie Announced
-- /comment_id=9617

Tork: Looks Like It's Still Coming
-- /comment_id=9639

UK Market's On The Up And Up
-- /comment_id=9573

War Fighter Renamed
-- /comment_id=9579

World War I Update
-- /comment_id=9567

X-Plane 8 Listed
-- /comment_id=9607

Xpand Rally Goes Gold In Europe
-- /comment_id=9629

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Release Date
-- /comment_id=9519

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