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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Sunday, September 19th, 2004
Subject: GameGossip´┐Żs Weekly Round-Up - 09/19/04

Introduction: Well with just a few days to go before the Tokyo Game Show, this past week seemed to qualify as the calm before the storm. As far as news goes, this week had amongst other things, more than a few demos released, financial results being put forth by four companies, and a bit of next-generation news, including links to an engine that\'s aimed at the Xbox 2.

American McGee's Oz On Hold
-- /comment_id=9897

Amuze Working On Next-Gen Title
-- /comment_id=9849

Bandai Updates PS2 Schedule
-- /comment_id=9900

Blitzkrieg II: Closed Beta Sign Up Starts
-- /comment_id=9894

Call Of Duty: United Offensive Demo Released
-- /comment_id=9874

COD Finest Hour & Rome Total War UK Release Dates
-- /comment_id=9893

Conflict Vietnam: Demo Released
-- /comment_id=9854

Cry Havoc Unveiled
-- /comment_id=9890

DOOM The Movie Update: Star Chosen
-- /comment_id=9843

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Collector's Edition Listed
-- /comment_id=9883

Eidos Reports Results
-- /comment_id=9837

Fantasy Earth The Ring Of Dominion Unveiled
-- /comment_id=9853

FIFA 2005 Xbox Bundle Coming Soon ... To Italy
-- /comment_id=9891

Full Spectrum Warrior: Demo Released
-- /comment_id=9907

GBA SP: Price Drops & Bundles In The UK
-- /comment_id=9892

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=9873

Majesco's Filing: 90 Min GBA Video, Trademarks & Acquisitions
-- /comment_id=9888

Majesco's Q3 Results
-- /comment_id=9848

Mario Tennis Possibly Renamed
-- /comment_id=9862

Namco's Annual Report
-- /comment_id=9845

Rocky Legends Website Launched
-- /comment_id=9896

Shade: Wrath Of Angels Demo Released
-- /comment_id=9870

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Demo Released
-- /comment_id=9906

Team Bondi Updates On PS3
-- /comment_id=9884

THQ Files For Rhythm Racing
-- /comment_id=9882

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Website Launched
-- /comment_id=9887

Tri Synergy Picks Up Legacy: Dark Shadows For North America
-- /comment_id=9866

VU's First-Half Call
-- /comment_id=9846

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