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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Friday, November 12th, 2004
Subject: GameGossip´┐Żs Weekly Round-Up - 11/12/04

Introduction: After a missing week, we\'re back with another newsletter installment. While a bit slow due to lack of news on Monday and Tuesday, this week was host to a number of PSP game announcements, and industry sales records being broken. Avoiding the commentary, all the news can be seen below.

Area 51 Listed For The PC
-- /comment_id=10864

Azaya & Azatar Announced
-- /comment_id=10834

BloodRayne 2: PC Demo Released
-- /comment_id=10876

Carmageddon: Name Possibly Revealed
-- /comment_id=10828

CDV's Q3 Results
-- /comment_id=10870

Chronicles Of Riddick - PC Release Date
-- /comment_id=10872

Colin McRae Rally & TOCA Race Driver Announced For PSP
-- /comment_id=10845

Digital Illusions' Results: Next-Gen Games, Battlefield Sale & More
-- /comment_id=10827

EA Staffing Up For New Harry Potter Title
-- /comment_id=10866

ESRB: Rainbow Six 3: Mission Pack 2 Named & Alien Sky On XBL Arcade
-- /comment_id=10858

EverQuest II Ships
-- /comment_id=10797

Football Manager 2005 Tops The Charts
-- /comment_id=10869

Gizmondo Inks Deal With Microsoft
-- /comment_id=10799

Gretzky NHL 2005 Ships
-- /comment_id=10811

GTA: San Andreas - Fastest Selling UK Game Ever
-- /comment_id=10831

Guild Wars - Next Preview Event Dated
-- /comment_id=10816

Half-Life 2 Guide & Raising The Bar Ship Tomorrow
-- /comment_id=10844

Halo 2: Stats Smash MS Estimates
-- /comment_id=10837

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge Ships
-- /comment_id=10810

Jak 3 Ships
-- /comment_id=10809

Japanese Hardware Charts (11/7)
-- /comment_id=10856

Japanese Software Charts (11/7)
-- /comment_id=10857

Judge Dredd Vs. Death Delayed
-- /comment_id=10860

Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories Release Date
-- /comment_id=10836

Konami's First-Half Results: Winning Eleven Sales, MGS4 & More
-- /comment_id=10823

Konung 2 Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=10849

Marvel Files Suit Over City Of Heroes
-- /comment_id=10865

Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault Ships
-- /comment_id=10807

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Website Launched
-- /comment_id=10863

Midway Files For Rise & Fall
-- /comment_id=10829

Mourning Release Date
-- /comment_id=10848

Neural Forge Closes Shop
-- /comment_id=10813

Nintendo's Upbeat DS Figures
-- /comment_id=10873

Pirates Of The Burning Sea's Heading To Asia
-- /comment_id=10868

PSP: Mercury Listed For North America
-- /comment_id=10815

PSP: Project Interceptor Announced
-- /comment_id=10830

Star Wars RTS In Development
-- /comment_id=10832

Sumo Digital Working On Tennis Title
-- /comment_id=10826

TDK Signs 1960's AC Cobra For World Racing 2
-- /comment_id=10846

The Sims 2: Expansion Pack Name Possibly Revealed
-- /comment_id=10859

VU's Q3 Results
-- /comment_id=10806

World Of Warcraft: Open Beta Success Figures
-- /comment_id=10871

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 Release Date
-- /comment_id=10814

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