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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Sunday, February 6th, 2005
Subject: GameGossip´┐Żs Weekly Round-Up - 02/06/05

Introduction: As another week wraps up, we once again have another newsletter installment. This week saw, after a few months of speculation, SCEA unveiling the PlayStation Portable launch details for North America. This week also had an official release date for Gran Turismo 4 put forth, and Sony forming a new development studio. See details on the stories mentioned above, and more, above.

Aerial Strike: The Yager Missions Ships
-- /comment_id=11889

Altered Beast - European Release Date Revealed
-- /comment_id=11843

And Then There Were None Announced
-- /comment_id=11871

Beat Down: Fists Of Vengeance Announced
-- /comment_id=11894

Digital Jesters Picks Up Chaos League: Sudden Death
-- /comment_id=11886

EA Completes Ubisoft Share Purchase
-- /comment_id=11865

EA Signs On NASCAR SimRacing Cover Athlete
-- /comment_id=11869

EA's Hiring For Superman
-- /comment_id=11864

God Of War - European Release Date Revealed
-- /comment_id=11846

Gran Turismo 4 Release Date Announced
-- /comment_id=11852

Halo Film Screenwriter Chosen
-- /comment_id=11897

Makai Kingdom Announced
-- /comment_id=11876

Matrix Games Picks Up Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar
-- /comment_id=11884

Megaman Battle Network 5 Announced
-- /comment_id=11895

Midway & Epic Sign Unreal Engine 3 Deal
-- /comment_id=11848

Mortal Kombat Deception Goes Gold For GC
-- /comment_id=11888

Namco Files For Tales Of Legendia
-- /comment_id=11849

NCsoft Implements GameGuard Into Lineage II
-- /comment_id=11854

PlayStation Portable Launch Details
-- /comment_id=11870

RattHunter Announced
-- /comment_id=11883

Resident Evil 4 - European Bundle Announced
-- /comment_id=11850

Rising Star Games Formed
-- /comment_id=11885

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Delayed
-- /comment_id=11855

Sega Sammy Holdings Reports Results
-- /comment_id=11866

Shrek 3 Announced
-- /comment_id=11851

Tekken 5 Bundle Announced
-- /comment_id=11873

The Godfather Officially Announced
-- /comment_id=11847

VU Games Updates Schedule
-- /comment_id=11887

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