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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Sunday, March 13th, 2005
Subject: GameGossip´┐Żs Weekly Round-Up - 03/13/05

Introduction: If this week had to be summed up in one word, that word would most certainly be, big. This week\'s newsletter highlights include Xbox 2 details, a few blurbs on the Nintendo \"Revolution,\" a number of 3rd parties signing on for next-gen items, and several PC games announced. Some of which include: Spartan: Total Warrior, Payload and Preyground.

Activision & AMP Sign On X-Men Legends II Score
-- /comment_id=12341

Activision & Viacom Settle Star Trek Dispute
-- /comment_id=12383

AGEIA's NovodeX On Next-Gen Xbox
-- /comment_id=12343

BioWare Promoting Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich
-- /comment_id=12362

Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure Announced
-- /comment_id=12340

Dynasty Warriors 5 Goes Gold
-- /comment_id=12367

Eidos Reports Results, Tomb Raider Hits Xbox 2
-- /comment_id=12360

F.E.A.R Delayed
-- /comment_id=12357

Fable: The Lost Chapters Announced For PC
-- /comment_id=12376

Galactic Civilizations II Beta Testing
-- /comment_id=12390

Gamebryo 2 On Next-Gen Xbox
-- /comment_id=12347

Gods And Heroes: Rome Rising Announced
-- /comment_id=12377

Gran Turismo 4 Breaks Day One PS2 Record
-- /comment_id=12336

Marvel Lawsuit Against NCsoft On Shaky Ground
-- /comment_id=12381

Meqon On Next-Gen Xbox
-- /comment_id=12345

Microsoft Unveils Next-Gen Xbox Details
-- /comment_id=12342

Mile High Pinball Announced
-- /comment_id=12334

Nintendo's GDC Keynote: Revolution Details & DS Wi-Fi Confirmed
-- /comment_id=12368

Nvidia Expands GeForce 6 Line
-- /comment_id=12359

Payload Announced
-- /comment_id=12333

Preyground Announced
-- /comment_id=12349

Sega Acquires The Creative Assembly
-- /comment_id=12337

Spartan: Total Warrior Announced
-- /comment_id=12338

SpeedTreeRT On Next-Gen Xbox
-- /comment_id=12346

Star Wars Galaxies: Episode III Rage Of The Wookies Announced
-- /comment_id=12363

Unreal Engine 3 On Next-Gen Xbox
-- /comment_id=12344

Vivendi Universal Reports Results, WoW Sales Hit 800,000+ Units
-- /comment_id=12365

Will Wright's Spore Revealed at GDC
-- /comment_id=12389

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