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TimeShift - New Trailer Released (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 01:30 AM @ January 6th, 2006 :: General Gaming
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Although it really isn't normally the type of news posted round these parts, it appears that Atari recently released an all-new official movie for Saber Interactive's upcoming first-person shooter (FPS), TimeShift. Available on GameSpot, the trailer weighs in at 30.5 MB.

Much as said in prior reports, TimeShift puts players in the role of Colonel Michael Swift who, after being tapped by the US Government to test a time-control device called the Quantum Suit, finds himself in an altered timeline after traveling back to the past. In the present time, the game has players put to the task of restoring time. The game will have players manipulating time, slowing down, stopping and rewinding the world while fighting through 30 missions. TimeShift will ship during Spring 2006 for the Xbox 360 and PC, and Summer 2006 for the Xbox.

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#1 - Eidolon - 01/06/06 @ 01:53 AM EST
I hear the producer on this game is one of the worst producers of ALL time
#2 - GNS Jim - 01/06/06 @ 07:00 AM EST
Funny, I heard the same thing. *shrug*

I've not really followed this game, to be honest I'm usually put off any game that has a plot that revolves around time manipulation (I hate the timesplitters series), still I'll give it a look if it does well in reeviews.
#3 - Pezman - 01/06/06 @ 09:39 AM EST
I hear the opposite :)

BTW: Go pick up the latest CGW there is a two page spread interview in there.
#4 - Reflex - 01/06/06 @ 11:41 AM EST
I heard the producer of this game is quite good actually. The only issue with the guy is that he is flamingly homosexual. But what can you expect from those 'arty' types anyways? ;)

Talon - I wish you did post more of this type of stuff. I'd love to not have to stop by VE3D anymore but I kinda have to if I want the news I can't get here.
#5 - Talon - 01/06/06 @ 11:54 AM EST
Reflex. If I'm hearing you correctly, you're saying you LIKE it when I do individual posts dedicated to trailers and such?
#6 - Megahurtz - 01/06/06 @ 11:58 AM EST
Wait, Pezman did a flamingly homosexual two page spread for a magazine? SEND PICS PLZ!!!!1

I need to stop skimming...
#7 - Reflex - 01/06/06 @ 01:09 PM EST
Pezman - btw, read your interview in Xbox Mag a couple months ago. Good show.

Talon - Yes, I would ideally like to have one gaming site to get all my console, PC, etc type news. I only have so much time anymore, and unlike the old days I don't really visit two dozen sites nowadays. I come here because I like the people but the news unfortunatly isn't good enough. So unfortunatly I visit VE3D, where I hate the people but at least they post ever damn thing that comes their way.
#8 - Houdini - 01/06/06 @ 01:18 PM EST
hows the trailer?

at work an cant get it :(
#9 - Talon - 01/06/06 @ 01:37 PM EST
Reflex, a large part of that problem was due to Bulldog's old rules. He had a bunch of stupid ass rules about shit like demos, trailers and all that. Plus, to be perfectly honest, I got really tired of assholes stealing from us. I'm not going to get into a rant, but as Pezman could elaborate I'm sure, we used to get ripped off a LOT. I dont mean by little sites either. But we're doing a shift round these parts :)
#10 - Reflex - 01/06/06 @ 02:39 PM EST
Good to hear. And why did Bulldog have rules like that? Unless your going to produce original content, there is no point in NOT posting. A lot of that could be solved with a filter system: ie: give logged in users the ability to filter out news in catagories they could care less about.

As for getting ripped off, I don't really care. Be the most complete with the best community and people will come. Heck, just have a decent community and people will come, its all that has kept me here really. Good community and a staff that isn't loaded with assholes(yet can put up with assholes like me).

Who all is with the site nowadays? I'm guessing that Bulldog is gone from your posting...
#11 - Talon - 01/06/06 @ 03:18 PM EST
You don't care about the ripping off, but when you're spending upwards of 12 hours a day trying to find the best news before anyone else, then either said news is ignored or ripped off ... sometimes by sites that have emailed you saying your news is great. Well it's a slap in the face. Deal with that for long enough, and well it REALLY pisses you off. Coupled with times you guys have said in the past, "check out this story from ____" and it has been something I've posted in the past or, worse yet, something that has been ripped off. Well you get the idea.

From what I understand (note: if i'm wrong, someone else on staff correct me), it's mainly Pezman, Ringo and myself on the main front.

Last Edited on 01/06/06 @ 03:19 PM EST

Last Edited on 01/06/06 @ 03:20 PM EST
#12 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/06/06 @ 04:14 PM EST
Damn near everything you guys post is from somewhere else. It is not as if you guys are sneaking around with your Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass getting exclusives. I can see you getting pissed when some other site ganks an exclusive and does not give GG credit but lets be honest here, all you are doing is regurgitating press releases. Do not let it bother you so much.

Every one uses the same money quote from the press releases. The witty bookends made Wilson so amusing. Keep the intros and the outros unique and do not sweat the other stuff. There is more to this site than news. I would venture a guess that a good portion of the people who check this site out do it for the comments section as well. I know I do.

That being said, in house content will most definitely bring you more traffic. So chop chop and get crackin'
#13 - nemarsde - 01/06/06 @ 05:42 PM EST
We should also get a regular game review slot for Lionel Richie.
#14 - Talon - 01/06/06 @ 09:16 PM EST
Forget it

Last Edited on 01/06/06 @ 09:16 PM EST

Last Edited on 01/06/06 @ 09:18 PM EST
#15 - MrE - 01/07/06 @ 05:25 PM EST

Just use if you want to read all the highlights from the major gaming news sites. But personally, I like coming to GameGossip cause of the atmosphere.

I too was a VE regular who got fed up when IGN took over. Billy's spin on posts was what made VE, and now the current staff at GG. Keep it up Talon. I'ts all good...


#16 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/07/06 @ 07:55 PM EST
Talon ,

I wasn't knocking the time you put in. The festive atmosphere is why I also continue to come hear and read gaming news that has very little to do with my actual day to day life. I have not played a game in ages but the hope that there is something magical on the horizon makes me check this site out. That and reading about whores sex life.
#17 - Nova Cat - 01/13/06 @ 04:10 PM EST
Looks interesting. Havent heard much of anything about the game but Im sure Ill pick it up.
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