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Sony Not Worried About 360 (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 08:04 AM @ January 6th, 2006 :: Xbox 360: General
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The console war is over, a billion units in a year, the list of notable quotes from the industry with the coming of new consoles and the success of old ones is always something worth looking out for. Today, as CES rolls on, it seems Sony Corp's chief executive officer, Howard Stringer, has added to the list, stating he's not worried at all about the Xbox 360 and its head start over the upcoming PlayStation 3. According to Bloomberg, Stringer attributes the lack of concern to PlayStation product outselling the next-generation system, coupled with a visit to Tokyo during the 360 launch.
``If there was a sense of anxiety, I would be aware of it,'' Stringer, 63, said in a keynote speech at the opening of the electronics show yesterday. ``I just think PlayStation still has this astonishing foundation.''
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#1 - nemarsde - 01/06/06 @ 10:12 AM EST
(It wouldn't surprise me if the PS2 was still outselling the Xbox and Xbox 360 in the UK.)
#2 - noodle boy - 01/06/06 @ 01:07 PM EST
Meh. I'm sorry, but, from the lack of news from sony as of late, the fact that, for the most part nobody has worked with the kind of technology that the PS3 is allegedly using, the widespread rumors of massive problems, the alleged delays and that this is the exact same thing they say every console launch. The DS is still being sold, and doing well, and sony called it nothing but a gimmick, sooooooo yeah... Sony's full of morons. I'm honestly going to wait 'til the Rev is out, because, though it isn't the most powerful, the most graphics intensive console, at least it trying something NEW...
#3 - Houdini - 01/06/06 @ 01:12 PM EST
sony knows they will dominate the market as soon as the PS3 drops.
why worry?
#4 - Krellins - 01/06/06 @ 01:37 PM EST
"sony knows they will dominate the market as soon as the PS3 drops.
why worry?"

Sega thought the same thing when they launched...
So did Nintendo...

#5 - Reflex - 01/06/06 @ 02:48 PM EST
They are so unworried that they didn't feel they even needed to show up at CES with anything PS3 related. Heck, not even a final design on the case. Wish I could afford to be that relaxed about a competitor with billions of dollars gunning for my market with a product superior to anything on the market today...

Yup, not a care in the I see sweat on his forehead?
#6 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/06/06 @ 04:46 PM EST
Microsoft will eventually win this battle. They want to take over the living room and whole house functions for that matter. Sony makes hardware and that is all. Microsoft is beginning to realize that software alone is not going to be their bread and butter so they are shifting into hardware. The gaming platform was the most logical way to ease into it. Sony is not supplying software to the majority of the cable providers Microsoft is. Microsoft realizes that the shift to web based software applications means that they need to diversify, as they won�t have a monopoly for much longer. Home media domination, of which 360 is but a small part, is their intended goal. In ten years, you will see Microsoft brand DVD and Audio equipment. I doubt that they will get into the image sector (TVs) as there is no underlying software needed for those to function, however if it needs software to function-- Microsoft will have their fingers in it somewhere.

Of course, I could be wrong, it�s not like I even work in the industry. I swing a hammer
#7 - Reflex - 01/06/06 @ 05:58 PM EST
Spanky - Your more right than you know. Few people realize that Windows Embedded now has 40% of the embedded market. Its in a TON of devices, not just home devices but also appliances, industrial equipment and gambling machines...
#8 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/06/06 @ 06:05 PM EST
I find the gains they are making in mobile devices amazing. It is happening rather quickly. Soon we will all be assimilated. When they start marketing flavored condoms is when I jump ship.
#9 - recce - 01/06/06 @ 08:02 PM EST
#5, if Sony is worried, they would have worried since the XBox launch. Your comment "a competitor with billions of dollars gunning for my market with a product superior to anything on the market today..." is as applicable to the XBox as it is to the 360 now.

The DOA4 game only spiked 10K units of 360 sold in Japan on the same week. I would have thought it could at least push 20 to 30K minimum, I guess the 360 is just not good enough for the smart Japanese gamers.
#10 - recce - 01/06/06 @ 08:08 PM EST
#7, LOL, I would have to say #6 is more wrong than either you or him knows.

MS won't win this battle, period. As I've mentioned before it would take at least the 3rd or 4th generation of XBox for MS to reach the same level as Sony in terms of worldwide penetration. MS may gain some supporters in US (like you two), but it's gonna take much more than that to convince gamers in other countries on a worldwide level.
#11 - Phobia - 01/06/06 @ 09:14 PM EST
How can you say that? When MS first came out with the XBox Sony had no reason to worry. They were coming in knowing alot less than their competitors and they didnt have any marketshare. That isn't true this time around.

I agree with you that it would take at least another 1.5 generations if MS were to dominate the market but for Sony not to be concerned would be foolish on their part.
#12 - Krellins - 01/06/06 @ 10:07 PM EST
"MS won't win this battle, period. As I've mentioned before it would take at least the 3rd or 4th generation of XBox for MS to reach the same level as Sony in terms of worldwide penetration."

And you know this how?!? It took Sony one generation to gain market saturation. The only reason PS2 kicked ass over Xbox was a.) EA holding back on online
b.) Square/Rockstar.

Both are eliminated. And for that reason the smart gamer will go with the Xbox. It's here, it's now and devs are going to take advantage of that. Not on some mystical piece of hardware that has yet to show up in any physical form.
#13 - chiuyan - 01/06/06 @ 10:47 PM EST
with all of sony's non-gaming business in the shitter, they better be worried.

Whe the PS3 comes out, I'm fairly positive the PS3 will win this round of consoles too, though with a smaller margin.

I'm very uncertain when the ps3 will actually come out though.
#14 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/07/06 @ 01:55 AM EST
reece, your not seeing the big picture.

Microsoft can lose this round and for that matter the next one. Having the niftiest game console is just a bonus.

Games are just a small part of what Microsoft is doing. You will become one with the hive.

Last Edited on 01/07/06 @ 01:59 AM EST
#15 - Reflex - 01/07/06 @ 02:36 PM EST
recce - Japan is now only the third largest gaming market. They also aren't nearly as important when it comes to dev houses as they used to be. Xbox success will not be measured in Japan. In the US and Europe the Xbox is at this point a solid #2, and in the next gen, both markets are up for grabs.

It took one generation for Sony to take the market from Nintendo. I do NOT think MS will win this round, however they are definatly going to be far more competitive than the last. 40% marketshare would seem attainable to me. And MS may win the US overall...
#16 - nemarsde - 01/08/06 @ 03:51 AM EST
The European market is constantly growing, bolstered by the dominant UK market. Handhelds would seem to be the way of the future though, with sales DS and PSP titles skyrocketing. I think Nintendo are now reliant on this section of the market, it's what they do best. (Similar vain, Apple are now more reliant on handheld devices too.)

The Xbox 360 appears to have done little software business over the Festive Season, and I think it'll actually have less market share in the UK than the first Xbox.
#17 - noodle boy - 01/09/06 @ 05:49 AM EST
@ 16

Ah, you forget, after seeing that $400 US price tag, most chose to hold off to wait for the next release. If the PS3 costs more, then the sales'll go up. Same for when Elderscrolls IV and Halo 3 come out.
#18 - Revrant - 02/04/06 @ 09:19 PM EST
Sony has...for lack of a more suitable word, "happy" RPGs, GTA, and MGS to thank for PS2's success, and by the looks of it, those game types are no longer exclusive. For the PS3 to take off Sony needs to branch out, and that's why we're seeing lots of new, big games being hyped and not sequels to old games as much.

The problem is...the console is going to be horribly late, and probably more expensive than the 360, at this rate the Revolution will beat them, and despite how much it's downplayed, getting the console out earlier is a huge sales booster.

Both in the long and short term, the short term being sales, the longterm being price drops to stifle sales of the competing console, I'm not saying Microsoft will win, but they're going to come out far better than they did in the first round, I'd say within striking distance of the PS3.

Last Edited on 02/04/06 @ 09:20 PM EST
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