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  Newsletter for the Week Of: Sunday, November 28th, 2004
Subject: GameGossip´┐Żs Weekly Round-Up - 11/28/04

Introduction: Although probably the slowest news week in sometime, in part due to Thanksgiving, this week did see a couple notworthy bits of news. The largest of which was Blizzard\'s World Of Warcraft sales figures. See this weeks hand picked news bits below.

Battle Hawks & Garfield - The Search For Pooky Announced
-- /comment_id=11062

Capcom Sales & DMC3 Release Date Update
-- /comment_id=11060

Climax Announces Tomcat Toolset
-- /comment_id=11047

Eidos Trading Update: Acquisition Update, ShellShock Sequel & More
-- /comment_id=11054

Infogrames Results: Civilization Sold
-- /comment_id=11046

JAMDAT & Codemasters Sign European Mobile Deal
-- /comment_id=11045

KDV Games Established
-- /comment_id=11059

London Taxi Announced
-- /comment_id=11056

Namco's First Half Results
-- /comment_id=11061

NES Classic Series 2 - European Release Date
-- /comment_id=11072

Nintendo Posts First Half Results
-- /comment_id=11053

Quantic Dream & VU Part Ways On Fahrenheit
-- /comment_id=11071

The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures - European Release Date
-- /comment_id=11073

Uru Ages Beyond Myst Canned For Macs
-- /comment_id=11043

World Of Warcraft European Details
-- /comment_id=11042

World Of Warcraft's Launch Success
-- /comment_id=11055

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